Pulp & Possibilities

Here is an installation image of The West and a few paper cuts from the animation at the Pulp & Possibilities exhibition at the Guenzel Gallery, Peninsula School of Art in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. The show is on view now!

The Waterfall

My Iceland trip was cut short due to a family emergency, but the the little I saw of the country was amazing and influential.

This summer on July 15th, I will be showing a series of video pieces at Roman Susan in Chicago. 

I titled the evening The Waterfall, after one of my newest works I'll be showing. Each piece will hover between dream, memory and reality through different moods and genres.

Here are a couple stills from The Waterfall:

Jan. 5, 2016

Today I went around the Golden Circle "the most popular day-trip in Iceland!" Was is amazing? Yes. Here's Gullfoss, the largest, most beautiful (and cold) waterfall I've ever seen. 'Foss' is Icelandic for waterfall, fyi.

Also here are some horses I met. It was at a tomato farm (giant greenhouse). With the best sweet caraway bread thing ever.

Jan. 4, 2016

I spent today in the studio, working on some animation. Here's a still:

Tomorrow I off to go around the Golden Circle, which should be an adventure! My camera is acting up, so I'm a little nervous about my ability to get footage ... I'll reassess in the morning. I feel like this trip has been a bit bumpy---my camera stopped working with my computer (dragonframe) in its normal way, my phone won't work at all (unlike in other places/countries I've been), my debit card won't work correctly, and now my camera... I knew I should have brought one of my older cameras with me, but since I had zero problems with anything last year in Svalbard (Norway), I think I was a little careless this time.

I did end up deciding to leave the residency early for a family medical issue back home. So this is my second (and last) week in Iceland. I'm a little sad that I can't stay the full five weeks, but know I'm making the right decision going back to Minnesota.

Jan. 3, 2016

Ok. So more Icelandic packaging!

Why I love this logo: Freyja is the Norse goddess of love. From what I know about her, she rides a chariot pulled by cats. Thus, this logo. I think it's a candy company. This was a chocolate covered marshmallow type of thing. So great.

Jan. 2, 2016

Today I worked on my animation and also took a quick trip to Reykjavik.

I'm now planning some serious travel in the next week---there have been some medical issues with a family member, so I may be cutting my residency short. The last direct flight to Minnesota for the rest of January is the 11th, so I may now be changing my residency from five weeks to two. I'll know for certain in the next couple days...

On a happier note, have I mentioned how much I love the packaging in Iceland? It's pretty great.

This is a candy bar I was given. It's chocolate covered licorice. My trip to the northern Norway last fall taught me that licorice is actually amazing. Chocolate covered licorice was surprisingly tasty.


Jan. 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

I made my first trip to Reykjavik today--it's a really interesting city. This week I'm going to go by bus around the Golden Circle---I can't wait! I'm also hoping to travel out to the south coast of Iceland soon...

I've been working on some new animations in my studio---I'll post some images soon...


I have arrived in Iceland! For the next five weeks I will be at an art residency (Hafnarborg) south of Reykjavik where I'll be working on getting more footage and working on the stop-motion sections of Cold Shores.

I've been in the country only two hours and have already learned an important lesson. If you're taking the bus from the airport, get your bags and go. Do not go to the duty-free shop, do not get a coffee. Even though the bus ticket has no printed departure time, it doesn't mean that there's more than one bus. They leave within 40 minutes of your plane landing. So after collecting my baggage, getting some cash, and waiting in a very long line for coffee, I missed the bus. The next one leaves in three hours. Oops. So my Iceland adventure is starting out more with a whimper than with a bang, but sometimes that's how it goes.

On a more positive note, the sun will be rising at 11:00am local time, which is when I'll be taking the bus--- I think I'll have a nice view of the countryside and my new temporary home.